Domino’s Pizza Safe Sound

I like this one!!

Check Your Premises

I’ve been boycotting Domino’s Pizza for decades, because of their political beliefs (not necessary to go into here). Apparently in 1998 it was sold to Bain Capital (wouldn’t wish that on anybody). But this was just too cute to not share:

To increase safety on the streets, Domino’s Pizza in the Netherlands has installed Safe Sound, human-made engine noises, to their previously silent electric delivery scooters. Listen closely, it’s not a typical vroom-vroom sound.

Domino’s Marketing Manager, Carolyn ten Cate says in the press release (online translation): “Our delivery note that daily overtake cyclists risky situations yields because the silent scooter riders do not come to hear. Because the safety of our delivery and all other road users is very important to us, we take personal responsibility here to do something.”

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